Welcome to the Embassy MVMT Store, We have always focused our merchandise to reflect the artist and there art. All Designs are made by or inspired by the music our individual artist create. With great pleasure we invite you to explore and purchase our fashionable yet conscience gear. Don’t for get to tell a friend!

Bliz The Ambassador

Blitz The Ambassador has always taken a hands on perspective when it comes to the visual manifestation of his music. From his famous image of a boom box man blowing his head off (Kill the Stereotype) to the simple lay out of his album cover and NEW T shirt. We invite you to help us spread the message and rock out to the album while rocking some of the dopest gear.

Les Nubians

The sisters Hélène and Célia Faussart weren’t trying to jump start both a musical movement as well as fashion. Already establishing   lithe vocal harmonies and uplifting messages set to a panoply of grooves, from reggae and hip-hop to drum ‘n’ bass and cool Sadesque R&B. These sisters hope to convey a Nu Revolution with there fashion. Tell a friend, Spread the word.. the Revolution has begun.